A Brief History of Kickboxing

Kickboxing isn't really one of the ancient styles it is relativley new. It is a hybrid system of Muay Thai, Boxing and Karate and was born out of frustration of the existing Karate piont scoring system. They wanted to find a system where they could apply their techniques (Karate) with the result being a knockout. Thus full contact Karate was born or "Kickboxing".

Competition Rules

Semi Contact

Points are awarded for clean punches and kicks which are landed on your opponent. When the referee sees a valid point he will stop the fight and signel the score to the two judges.

Semi contact bouts are two, two minute rounds with a one minute rest between rounds.

Points are awarded for the difficulty of the technique this is as follows:-
Punch or hard techniques - 1 point
Kicks to the body - 1 point
Kicks to the head - 2 points
Jumping kicks to the body - 2 points
Jumping kicks to the head - 3 points

Kickboxers must were a belt around their waist that reflects their grade. Compulsory safety equipment includes head guards, shin guards, mouth guards, gloves and kick boots.

Light Contact
This has been created as an intermediate stage bewteen semi and full contact kickboxing.
Bouts also consist of two, two minute rounds woth a one minute rest between rounds.
Three judges score the fight the referee only controls the fight.
Safety eqiupment is the same as in semi contact.

Full Contact
These bouts are fought in a boxing ring. Amateur bouts consist of three rounds with a duration of two minutes and with one minute rest between the rounds.
Professional bouts for world title fights last twelve rounds and for national titles they can last ten rounds. Preliminary bouts can last between four and six rounds.
The fight is scored by three judges and the referee controls the fight and ensures that the rules are obeyed.
A kickboxing bout can also be won by knockout (KO) or technical knockout (TKO).

Low Kick Kickboxing
This is the same as full contact kickboxing except that low kicks to the outside and inside of the thighs are allowed.

Main Organisations

WKA World Kickboxing Association
WAKO World Association of Kickboxing Organisation

Brief Kickboxing Techniques

Here are some of the basic techniques you will use;

Upper body
Jabs, hooks, uppercuts, palm strike, back fist, elbow strike.

Lower body
Front kick, side kick, back kick, roundhouse, hook kick, axe kick, crescent kick, knee.

There are many spinning and jumping variations on the above moves. Adding a spin or jump will add power to your move.

Kickboxing Gradings

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